Here are my current favourite cozy recipes for December – What to Cook in December! Everything from breakfasts to salads to dinners to best of all, desserts and cozy drinks!

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Happy December! Also, how is it December…already?! Not that I’m complaining; it’s my favourite season with my favourite holiday – Christmas! The month for all things candy, chocolate, peppermint, cozy and hearty! I wanted to share my favourite in-season veggies, must-have meals and heart-warming desserts for the best December ever! 

I included everything from breakfasts to salads to dinners to the best of all – desserts! This isn’t my comprehensive list, just my current favourites, and I’ll include some similar ones down below!

Bonus – if you’re a fan of my matcha latte, try it with a few drops of peppermint oil! SO good! What are you making? Hope you enjoy!