Jessica in the Kitchen

It’s That Easy

Your easy, step-by-step guide for switching to a healthier, meatless lifestyle you’ll love.

By Jessica Hylton-Leckie

It’s That Easy is your step-by-step guide for switching to a healthier, meatless lifestyle you’ll love. This is the 147-page guide I wish I had when I first went meatless.

What’s Included:

  • 147 pages of resources, guides, and straight forward information
  • My Story, and how switching to a meatless diet was the ONLY thing that really cured 10 years of sickness
  • Clear, straight forward information on getting your protein
  • A fully detailed explanation of your pantry ingredients and kitchen tools
  • 70+ recipes, including 22 brand new, never-before-seen recipes created with this guide in mind
  • A thoroughly thought out 4-week meal prep guide + a grocery list guide for each week to get you started
  • A Blank Clean Eating Grocery List to take the guesswork out of grocery shopping
  • A Blank Meal Prep Printable Chart so you can print off and slot in your own recipes
  • A quick guide to eating out as a vegetarian
  • A quick guide to eating vegetarian on a budget
  • The Top 5 things I wish I could share with myself if I was just turning vegetarian again

Technical Details:

Complete checkout on the Gumroad site. AFTER you purchase just press “download” to download it to your phone or laptop or wherever you please. You don’t have to “Open in App”.

This eBook is in PDF format and can be downloaded immediately after purchase. It is interactive on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops with a supported PDF viewer. I recommend using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

You are purchasing this ebook through an SSL-encrypted website to protect your data and card information.