“My mission is to provide simple and delicious meals from my kitchen to yours.”
About Jessica

Hi I'm Jessica and welcome to my website!

I'm an award-winning photographer, videographer and a (self-taught, mom-taught and trial and error-taught) home chef who personally experienced all the changes that a whole foods, plant based/meatless/vegan lifestyle can make to your health, your mood and overall well being.

After close to 10 years of being endlessly sick, endless doctors appointments and procedures, switching to a vegetarian whole foods diet was the one thing that finally made the difference for me. Now I'm vegan!

Every week I share the delicious and simple recipes I eat every day that completely changed my life. I love food, like, really love food (I even dream about it) and the best thing I learned after cleaning up my diet is that food tastes its BEST when you cook it simply, yet deliciously with natural whole ingredients.

In addition to these recipes, I create and share dozens of helpful free guides, and tips and tricks the I hope can do the same for you. My mission is to share these simple and delicious recipes from my kitchen to yours, filled with love.

There are over 600 recipes on Jessica in the Kitchen, and you'll always find lots of fruits, vegetables and other whole foods products in my fridge and pantry.

What does whole foods mean? It means eating foods in their natural state, with zero or minimal processing, in order to reap their benefits without any harmful effects. That also means that on Jessica in the Kitchen you'll find:

- recipes focused around fruits and vegetables, with ingredients that enhance them rather than hide them
- A focus on a healthy overall active life.
- so many delicious options!
- A variety of wholesome ingredients such as healthy fats, grains, plant based flours and sugars, such as coconut sugar, honey, dates and maple syrup.

I believe in living a balanced lifestyle is sort of a trinity of sorts, and so I also put a lot of focus on exercising and taking care of your mental health. That also means that I don't want you to feel restricted whilst in the kitchen or outside of it! Enjoy your vacation, eat your dessert and unplug every now and then. Live your best life!!

Happy Eating! If you're new here:

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This Coconut Chickpea Curry is my #1 favourite recipe on Jessica in the Kitchen.

These are my favourite cookies. I could eat these forever and love sharing them as holiday gifts!

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frequently asked questions

Why did you start food blogging?

The first time I baked from scratch was at 11 pm one night several years ago when I made chocolate cupcakes. It was an awesome and life altering experience just creating something enjoyable and edible without pre-manufactured ingredients. From there I began to explore cooking and baking every single day and grew to fall completely in love with it, and after being asked by some friends and family members for recipes, I decided to start a food blog to share them. It grew from a hobby I loved into a business that I am incredibly passionate about. My goal today is still to make amazing, well-tested recipes for everyone to try.

What did you do before food blogging?

I had a baking business from 2010 to 2013 (while I was in undergrad law) named Jessiker Bakes where I provided personalised cakes and treats for clients. It was a great success but I realised that I enjoyed creating new and unique creations and happily transitioned into food blogging. I stopped in 2014 to start law school, went on to be a practicing attorney-at-law, then I retired from law and started to do Jessica in the Kitchen full time in March 2016!

How do you make money blogging?

Jessica in the Kitchen gets income from ads, affiliate links, my ebook and sponsored posts. You will always see a disclaimer when there is a sponsored post and I have provided a disclaimer on my sidebar. All opinions provided are always my own and I only work with companies who I believe fit my own personal convictions as well as Jessica in the Kitchen’s readers perfectly. Read my How To Start a Food Blog post to find out more.

I’m trying to eat healthier. What are your tips for eating healthier?

Firstly, I suggested making small changes to your daily diet. Drink more water, at least 8 glasses although I aim to drink half my body weight in fluid ounces. Try to cut out soda if you drink it completely or if you have soda twice a day, cut it down to once and gradually continue until you stop consuming it. Add more veggies and fruits to your diet at every single meal and aim to get fresh ingredients. If it’s a fruit at breakfast, kale at lunch and bell peppers at dinner, that’s a great start. Being mindful of your meals helps a lot so try to avoid the vending machine at work if you work in an office and bring a snack instead so you can hold yourself accountable. Speaking of accountable, I removed ALL unhealthy snacks from the house because if it isn’t there, I can’t eat it! That helps a lot so you aren’t setting yourself up for disappointment. Also, ensure that you are eating for your macros so you are eating the right amount of foods for YOU! I would also start exercising since I find that when I start my day with exercise, I don’t want to eat anything that would make all that hard work go to waste. I am an enormous yoga fan and I also love doing HIIT workouts. You can see my Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget for more advice. I’ll be coming out with a complete guide for this since it is a wildly popular question that I get.

What do you eat in a regular day?

I usually start the day with some avocado toast - mashed avocado with a squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of salt and black sesame seeds on some Ezekiel bread. Or I'll have like a veggie hash with avocado and sweet potatoes. For lunch I usually have a salad - a new favourite is an arugula salad with burst tomatoes and avocados with some toasted almonds. For dinner I usually have some sort of veggie bowl - my current favourite is roasted vegetables, baked tofu, avocado (seeing a trend here?) and some cauliflower rice! I will definitely do a blog post soon about what I eat in a day!

What’s your background in food?

I’m 100% self-taught/mom & grandmother taught! Baking and catering for 3 years certainly helped me with time management so I tend to know before starting a meal how long it will take for a reader to make. I’ve read several books, received lessons from chefs, done several food tours and watched endless amounts of documentaries on food and I definitely apply this knowledge to the kitchen daily.

What’s your favourite recipe/type of recipe to make?

As the years go by, this question gets easier to answer! I love a great avocado toast! I know - I need to share a recipe for it! I also love making caramelised onions. It takes forever, and really gets me into a soothing and calming rhythm while cooking them.

Do you have a cookbook?

I have an ebook! It's That Easy Ebook

What kind of camera do you use to make your food photography photos?

I use a Canon 5D Mark IV with a variety of lens including 24-70mm lens and a 100mm macro lens.

Can I use your pictures/recipes on my blog/site?

Sure, as long as a link back is provided and/or proper crediting is given. I do NOT allow complete publication of my recipes unless permission is specifically sought so be sure to email me at ask@jessicainthekitchen.com.