Here are 21 Incredible Summer Salads and Salad Dressing Recipes to keep you full, satisfied and nourished throughout the summer! These salads are all easy to make, loaded with delicious fruits and vegetables, and the dressings are incredibly tasty!!

Graphic of six salad photos with graphic describing overall roundup of summer salads.

Last year I made a goal – “eat salads three times a week”.

If you’re not vegan, that may sound like a super easy feat for a vegan, but as someone who was served lots of awful salads when I first went veg, I rejected them for years. While I’ve always loved a loaded salad and I’m team #saladsthatdontsuck, I realised that it just wasn’t natural for me to reach for them. Since then, we’ve made it a point to always have greens in the fridge and I always naturally include them! Since then Gav can testify that sometimes I just eat handfuls of lettuce. Okay, not handfuls…I use a fork, sometimes.

The point is, I’ve since come up with lots of incredible summer salad recipes that’ll make you want to eat handfuls of salads too. Alongside those incredible salads, I have some amazing salad dressings to help get the job done too. Creamy, saucy, tasty…you name it. Drizzle, dress, toss and enjoy those salads with these dressings. You’ll definitely find the right one for you this summer and beyond; so check out the list and enjoy friends!