15 Incredible Tofu Recipes! There’s so many ways to use tofu for a quick and easy dinner or meal prep dish! I’ve got all the tips and tricks for the best crispy texture and the go-to marinades to get all the flavour in minutes. You can even use it to make vegan cheeses!

marinated and cooked tofu on a plate with a gold spoon holding some tofu

Tofu is one of my favourite proteins! There are so many ways to use tofu, from a simple crispy baked recipe to a deliciously marinated Asian-inspired dish.

Looking to make your tofu taste better, but don’t know where to start? Start here! Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or meal prep tofu recipes, you’ll find some of the easiest recipes ever with so much flavour. Once you learn all the ways to use tofu, you’ll never be out of dinner ideas.

Tofu is DELICIOUS. It’s versatile, easy to use, meal prep friendly, even freezer friendly. When you cook it properly AND use the right type, your opinion will change.

One of the things that is asked a lot is whether it is “real.” Of course it is! It’s a bean curd made from soy beans, and there are many videos on YouTube to make tofu at home (from soy milk). It’s minimally processed and has been a component in East Asian and Southeast Asian cuisines for centuries — just to show that this isn’t just a trend.

15 Incredible Tofu Recipes (Ways to Use Tofu)

These are some of the best tofu recipes ever! There's no end for ways to use tofu in plant-based recipes, but these are some of my absolute favourites. Bake it, sauté it, air fry it — learn all the easy ways to use tofu with this vegan recipe roundup.

Expert tips and FAQs

Here are some great tips and tricks for the best ways to use tofu every single time, and to ensure all of your tofu recipes are on point:

  • Get the right type. There’s so many types of tofu, and they’re all great! But every recipe needs a specific kind. Most of these recipes use firm or extra firm block, which is what you want for perfect cubes. Medium block is best for dishes like miso soup, and silken or soft block tofu are ideal for smoothies and vegan cheesecakes.
  • To drain or to press? Depending on your type of tofu, you’ll need to prep it before you cook it. Most recipes want the protein but not the liquid, so be sure to remove it! You can drain soft versions, but need to press firm blocks with a tofu press or just a book!
  • Season your tofu — no, really season it. One reason I’ve heard hoards of people say they hate tofu is because it’s bland. And, in it’s natural state, I can’t argue. However, it absorbs any flavours you add to it, you just need a lot of them to get deep into the block. You can’t just salt and pepper the outside and expect it to taste amazing. 
  • Cornstarch makes it so crispy. If you’re struggling to get that perfectly crispy texture, add a little cornstarch! It helps draw out any moisture you missed during the pressing for the crunchiest outside and fluffiest inside. You also want a super hot oven or skillet for crispy tofu.