15 Favourite Vegan Thanksgiving Side Dishes

By Jessica Hylton -

These are my 15 Favourite Vegan Thanksgiving Side Dishes! They range from casseroles to biscuits to mashed potatoes and are all easy to put together!

These are my 15 Favourite Vegan Thanksgiving Side Dishes! They range from casseroles to biscuits to mashed potatoes and are all easy to put together!

Thanksgiving is 2 ½ weeks away – uh, how is that even possible?! I did a roundup on my fav main dish recipes and you guys loved it! Main dishes for thanksgiving are amazing (look out for an ultimate post soon) but let’s not forget about the side dishes! I love me some thanksgiving side dishes. All the rolls, mashed potatoes, cornbread etc. – it’s all SO good!! If you love some side dishes I have you totally covered. I’ve redone so many traditional into vegan versions that you’ll want to DEVOUR so let’s dig in! Happy Thanksgiving when it comes!!

Green Bean Casserole

What’s Thanksgiving without Green Bean Casserole though?! I loved this casserole so much because it’s made 100% from scratch and is so creamy. You’re going to love the oven fried onions on top too!
This Vegan Green Bean Casserole takes only 30 minutes! It's easy, creamy, completely delicious and gluten free! via https://jessicainthekitchen.com

Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Pecan Topping

This recipe has always been my #1 thanksgiving side dish recipe amongst readers! It’s perfect for enjoying sweet potato casserole with SO much flavour and without all those extra calories. That maple pecan topping is out of this world.

Best Garlic Mashed Potatoes with Caramelised Onions

I love love love these mashed potatoes!! They are so incredibly creamy, and well, mashed potatoes always goes perfectly with basically about every single thing.  Also, you need to make it with the caramelised onions – it is GOLDEN.

Fluffy Biscuits

These biscuits are also gluten free! Actually all these recipes are :). You can make them with regular flour too, but the point is BISCUITS!! They are so good and so easy to whip up!! Add all the butter!
These Vegan Biscuits are made with only 7 ingredients! They are made with coconut oil, are gluten free and are fluffy and delicious! via https://jessicainthekitchen.com

Cornbread Stuffing

When I made this cornbread stuffing it made my whole week. It’s made with homemade cornbread (or you can buy some) and has so much amazing flavours in it. It’s just like your traditional cornbread stuffing for sure.
This Gluten Free Cornbread Stuffing will be a star at your Thanksgiving dinner! It's a healthier side dish that is deliciously simple, loaded with lots of flavour and is vegan! via https://jessicainthekitchen.com

Loaded Sweet Potato Skins

If you’re a regular here then you know I LOVE these sweet potato skins! If you’re new, you NEED to make this!! The sweet potato skins are stuffed back with the sweet potato filling plus a tex mex filling and topped with coconut bacon too! So. Good.

Easy Cheesy Cornbread Skillet

Uh, YUM!! This cheesy cornbread skillet is just like your favourite cornbread except THAT CRUST THO. The melted butter + got cast iron skillet + the cornbread batter makes the crust so much more uh, crusty, and so buttery. I also added cheese, corn and and jalapeños in the cornbread so it’s extra amazing. Prepare to wow your guests.
This Easy Cheesy Cornbread Skillet (Vegan & Gluten Free) has the best cornbread crust ever! It's so fluffy, loaded with so much flavour and is so addictive! via https://jessicainthekitchen.com

Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Onions & Apples

This is an oldie but a REAL goodie! If you love Brussels sprouts you’ll LOVE this, and anyone you know who doesn’t love Brussels sprouts will love them after this for sure. The roasted apples and onions go so perfectly with it too.

Cranberry Orange Sauce

Okay, so not technically a side but it goes perfectly on every thing for Thanksgiving that this is an ESSENTIAL. I make mine with orange juice which adds so much flavour too.

Jalapeño Cornbread Muffins

Cornbread in muffin portion? Perfect. Great for sharing with your guests and it’s the perfect excuse to take more.
These Gluten Free Cornbread Muffins are moist and tender and made with jalapeños! They have a delicious spicy kick, are vegan and are made with healthier ingredients!

Stuffed Mushrooms with Coconut Bacon 

LOVE this recipe! It’s loaded with everything in traditional mushrooms, and are perfect for even appetisers! That coconut bacon on top is so essential, by the way. You’ll def put it on everything when you make it.

Garlic Butter Roasted Potatoes

Butter + garlic + potatoes? Yesssss. No need to see much more for this – they are crispy, buttery and come together so quickly!!

Maple Garlic Roasted Carrots

Oh I need to make these this Thanksgiving again!! These carrots are maple glazed, with garlic so they have a sweet, caramel-y flavour and are so soft. They’re then topped with a carrot greens chimichurri that is out of this world. If you can find multi-coloured carrots then they would be even prettier.

Vegan Mushroom Gravy

Also not a technical side dish, but kind of and sooo necessary. This gravy is so creamy and has SO MUCH FLAVOUR. Perfect on mashed potatoes of course and you can make it ahead of time!

Baked Mac and Cheese

Finally, you neeeed a baked mac and cheese at your thanksgiving dinner for sure! This one is SO good (how many times have I said that so far?). I love the flavour the sauce gives this and the topping works so well with it.
This Creamy Baked Vegan Mac & Cheese is undeniably divine! Made with an amazing, cashew based 'cheese' sauce, it's the perfect addition to any meal!
Eat up and enjoy your Thanksgiving friends!!  If you want more remakes of traditional side dishes let me know and I’ll get it done. What are you looking forward to making?! 

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  1. Alma Vorrei says:

    All these recipes sound great. I plan to do a trail run and then serve for Thanksgiving.

  2. ig viewer says:

    I wanna try the mashed potatoes. I have never tried the dish at home. Thank you for sharing these delicious recipes!


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