10 Last Minute Thanksgiving Recipes with 15 Minutes of Prep

By Jessica Hylton - - Updated

Here are my top choices for 10 Last Minute Thanksgiving Dishes with 15 minutes or LESS of Prep time! They range from appetisers to sides to mains to desserts!

Top down view of roasted vegetables with text.
P.S. this list has been updated to be vegan, and with newer recipes! ENJOY!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!! After I shared my 50 vegan and vegetarian recipes roundup, a lot of you said this is amazing – but which of these recipes can be done super quickly?! I’ve got you, friends. If you have no idea what to bring to that Thanksgiving dinner, these 10 dishes will set you on track. These are all also great for a Friendsgiving event. BEST of all, they’re all prepped in 15 minutes OR LESS! You’ll be prepared really easily and best of all most of things don’t have a lot of ingredients. If you’re in a rush, I put the shortest one first because it’s a flavour stunner and so easy to make. Happy Thanksgiving when it comes! I wanted to add that I am so incredibly grateful to you my readers, my friends! Jessica in the Kitchen wouldn’t be here without you or the same, so thank you for your continued love and support! ❤️

Stuffed Mushrooms with Coconut Bacon

Overhead view of stuffed mushrooms in a white baking dish.

This might be my favourite Thanksgiving appetiser yet. This stuffed mushrooms are a complete dream come true, and as if that wasn’t enough, topped with coconut bacon. They’re easy to hand out, and have so much delicious flavour. Definitely a crowd pleaser! 


Cranberry Orange Sauce

Top down shot of cranberry sauce in a glass jar. We ALL need cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving dinner! If you have to choose which to bring to your Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving dinner, choose the sauce!! It takes 5 minutes of prep, is 3 ingredients and ridiculously easy. You literally just let it all cook down together. Best part is that you can switch it up – add in some bourbon, or some cinnamon, or anything to mix it up too.


Cashew Thai Quinoa Salad with Peanut Ginger Sauce

Overhead view of cashew thai quinoa salad in a bowl with a gold fork next to it. This salad is definitely my favourite. YES – I have a favourite salad, so this is a huge declaration!! The video for it also has over 1 million views so know that it’ll definitely please your whole Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving crowd. It’s 10 minutes of prep, serves so many people and that sauce is FANTASTIC on top of it. By the way, if you have allergies, you can use almond butter, or even sunflower butter or even tahini instead, depending on the allergies.


Cornbread Muffins

Syrup being drizzled on a stack of cornbread muffins.

These gluten free and vegan cornbread muffins are so, so yummy and easy to make. I love that they’re 8 minutes of prep, easy to carry since they’re muffins and have that perfect cornbread flavour. I love to add jalapeños on top for an extra kick, and these are amazing with a drizzle of maple syrup!


Maple Garlic Roasted Carrots

Overhead shot of roasted carrots on a baking sheet, drizzled with green sauce.

This is the prettiest side dish meal!! I love to make these carrots with purple carrots in the mix too to make it even prettier. They become sweet, garlicky and so fragrant. The chimichurri on top is optional, but adds another amazing layer of flavour. It’s 10 minutes of prep!


Maple Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Apples and Pecans

Maple roasted brussels sprouts with apples and pecans on a large plate.

This DISH! It’s an absolute stunner for a side dish, and incredibly easy. The pecans really take it over the top, and I love adding a vegan soft cheese to it too. It’s a real treat. If you know any Brussels sprouts haters, this dish will definitely change them. Short prep, beautiful caramelised and basically like candy.


King’s Shepherd’s Pie

A portion of vegan shepherd's pie on a white plate.

YES, a main dish with low prep time! This King’s Shepherd’s Pie was devoured by my entire family, vegans and non vegans so it’s definitely approved by all. It comes together quickly on the stovetop, then is baked off. Guarantee you’ll remember this dish at your Thanksgiving.


Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Quinoa and Apple Salad with Sweet Orange Vinaigrette

Shaved brussels sprouts, quinoa and apple salad in a bowl with vinaigrette poured on.

Though the prep time is noted as 30 minutes, if you buy pre-shaved Brussels sprouts for this amazing salad, you literally shave the time in half. This was my favourite salad last year, and works as a Thanksgiving and winter salad. Also that vinaigrette is AMAZING!!

Vegan Apple Pie Bars (with Salted Caramel Sauce)

A spoon drizzling caramel sauce on a stack of apple pie bars.

These apple pie bars are SO decadent and so easy!! The salted caramel sauce is a MUST, and can easily be made while the bars are making. It’s 15 minutes of prep, taste just like an apple pie and will definitely make a divine dessert for your Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving!!

Vegan Cinnamon Baked Pears

Two cinnamon baked pears with crunchy topping, on a white dish.

These apple pie bars are SO decadent and so easy!! The salted caramel sauce is a MUST, and can easily be made while the bars are making. It’s 15 minutes of prep, taste just like an apple pie and will definitely make a divine dessert for your Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving!!

I hope these choices really helped you! Which one will you be making?! Happy Thanksgiving when it comes and here’s to good, nutritious and divine food!!

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  1. Those dishes are amazing, Jessica. Everything you cooked looks just mouthwatering and healthy as well.

  2. Alma Vorrei says:

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful recipes. I just need it!

  3. MK says:

    Hi Jessica!! Just noticed you don’t have any recipes for parsnips. They’re another great roasted vegetable, sweeter than cooked carrots but starchy like potatoes. Was looking at your site to see how you would make them and was disappointed to be unable to find them! Any plans for cooking parsnips in the future? Thanks!
    PS: I’m going to make your maple carrots with chimmichurri again for Christmas, since they were such a big hit at Thanksgiving!!

    • Jessica says:

      Hey MK!

      Ah, parsnips are very expensive here unfortunately but I’ll keep that in mind for 2020! 🙂

      Oh yay!! Such an incredible idea for a Christmas dish! I hope you have a wonderful one!

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