These are my 10 Favourite No Bake Vegan Desserts! Whether you need 15 minutes, or have an hour, this list will have you covered. Everything is so delicious!

A montage of no bake vegan desserts with title text.

Happy Friday! Is anyone else ridiculously hot?! If your summer is going like mine, aka fun but very hot, then you’re going to want to check this entire list out. I’m a big fan of not turning on my oven everyday during summer. Thanks to these No Bake Vegan Desserts, that is more than possible! Every recipe tastes delicious, cooling, and simple to make. Some take less time than others, so whether you need 15 minutes, or have an hour, this list will have you covered. Eat up and enjoy friends. Happy Summer!

Vegan Creamy Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream

Overhead view of vegan avocado ice cream in a white bowl.

I have a feeling that this might be my favourite recipe on the list. This ice cream has a multitude of positive comments that’ll make you want to go grab an avocado stat. No, you don’t taste the avocado. It’s just a beautifully creamy addition to this ice cream.

No Bake Chocolate Avocado Pudding

Avocado chocolate pudding in a round glass with a sprig of mint.

Who knew avocado was so versatile? Cold desserts knew, that’s who. Avocado and chocolate blend together beautifully in this pudding, so much so that it’s basically mousse like. Perfect for serving small portions to a sea of guests, or yourself.

Watermelon Mint Popsicles

Top down view of watermelon popsicles on a bed of ice.

These might be the most refreshing on the list. Watermelon, lime and mint marry perfectly here. This is perfect for kids and adults who love popsicles and is bound to keep you calm and cool.

No Bake Mango Coconut Chia Pudding

Two round glasses of mango chia pudding on a wood board.

Brb, off to go set this in the fridge! This “dessert” is so good you can have it for breakfast. It’s pretty versatile so definitely add your favourite fruits here!

No Bake Brownie Energy Bites

Overhead view of brownie energy bites in half a coconut.

Definitely my favourite energy bite ever. There are dozens of reviews detailing that these brownie energy bites taste like the real thing! You should definitely try them for yourself.

Vegan Strawberry Coconut Ice Cream

Top down view of vegan strawberry ice cream in a silver tub.

If you want a great summer seasonal ice cream, this is it! Loaded with lots of fresh strawberries, you’ll feel like you’re on a summer vacation with just one scoop. It makes plenty too, so you’ll have lots to enjoy for a while.

4 Ingredient Salted Caramel Chocolate Cups

A stack of salted caramel chocolate cups on a pink wrapper.

I originally made these for Halloween/November season, but they work all year round so well! This will cure any chocolate craving. Plus, it’s only 4 ingredients!

No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Bites

A bowl full of peanut butter energy bites.

Peanut butter lovers unite! These energy bites are great for a Netflix night in, and of course are so versatile that they are great for hikes and snacking too!

Vegan Mango Coconut Cheesecake

A slice of mango cheesecake on a blue plate.

This reminds me that I need to make another Vegan Cheesecake! The flavours of this no bake cheesecake are so inviting, especially with that mango topping. Perfect for a hot summer day.

Rainbow Fruit Salad with Maple Lime Dressing

Top down view of rainbow fruit salad with in a bowl with gold spoon on the side.

Don’t let the humble appearance of this Rainbow Fruit Salad fool you. It’s loaded with flavours thanks to the combination of fruits. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s then drizzled with a light maple lime syrup that brightens everything up!