I thought this would be a great idea: showing you the luxury of growing your own fruits/vegetables starting with tomatoes. How To Grow Your Own Tomatoes.
Tomatoes on the vine.
I no longer have to buy tomatoes simply because, we grow our own! Welcome to a portion of my backyard. Yes, I do venture out here every now and then.
A well groomed garden.

Along a certain wall of my backyard is our vegetable/fruit patch! (patches?). Further down there’s also a banana tree but that’s another post. Looks like a lot of greenery right? So that’s actually a combination of parsley, peppers, gungo peas (google if you don’t know it!), skellion and tomatoes! Tons and tons of tomatoes.

Some shrubs by a wall.
Tons…(mother’s gorgeous hand)
Hand picking a tomato from the vine.

and tons…

Two tomatoes on a vine.

and TONS…

A bunch of green tomatoes on a vine.
Okay, you get it. We basically have our own tomato farm going on! I think it’s SO COOL. The tomatoes I’ve been eating for probably the past year have come from OUR own house which is not only healthier but duh! Economical. And come on, who doesn’t want to say casually “I’m going to go pick some tomatoes from the branches in the back yard.” ?
I know I enjoy saying that.
To get started all you really have to do is get your seeds and start the watering and caring process. BBC gives you a much better methodology in a cool video. It takes dedication obviously but let’s be real, what doesn’t?
Note: you should pick them as soon as they begin to ripe because well yeah you’re competing with others who want your tomatoes aka BIRDS. And of course, always wash clean before eating or cooking with them!

Here are some mom picked this morning that were just ripe…

A basket with red tomatoes in it.

And some that were picked last week and are VERY red and gorgeous. I love that colour.

A batch of bright red tomatoes in a basket.
So, even if you aren’t going to start your own patch, at least support local farmers! Don’t buy imported tomatoes, look for local ones first.
Happy Planting and Eating!