Happy New Year! + A Medical Update

By Jessica Hylton - - Updated

Jessica & gavin walking hand in hand.

Hello out there & Happy New Year! To say it’s been a while would be an understatement. I got married earlier this year, then came back afterwards to start blogging again…then disappeared completely. The last few months have been very interesting for me because in August I fell sick…and well, never fully recovered. I’ve had a series of hospitalisations, faintings, unbearable amounts of pain, endless (I mean ENDLESS) amounts of medication and lots and lots of bed rest. We are still trying to figure out what’s completely wrong but I’m happy to say that I’ve gone from 10% a day to about 70%, and I’m so ready to start back blogging. I spent a long time comparing myself to other bloggers and their constant consistency, but I realised that that definitely wasn’t making me any better nor was it mentally healthy for me.

I’m pretty sure the Christmas season definitely added some magic. It’s been a challenging time, and SERIOUSLY, I have the best husband who has been unwavered throughout the last few months and always by my side no matter the numerous doctor visits, medical procedures, endless crying on my part or anything else that was thrown his way. My family has been 100% supportive and I really have had the BEST set of friends who have always been there for me. I also want to thank everyone who noticed my absence and offered me kind words of care, and in particular my blogger friend Zainab who despite just becoming a first time mom and having other full time responsibilities, checked in on me numerous times!!

Despite this, I said no matter what I am going to enjoy this holiday season, and I planned for this to be a Very Special Christmas! It’s was our first Christmas as a married couple (whaaaat!) and I gathered the energy to decorate our home for the holiday season, which means every morning I wake up is a happy morning! I haven’t been able to bake anything but I am determined to do so before the season is over. I can’t promise I will be able to post it, but I’ll eat enough for all of us! Hmm, maybe not the best idea…

I planned this update post because I thought you, my readers, deserved to know where on earth I’ve disappeared off to, and to know that I am waiting for the day I get to hop back on and share another fun recipe with you. I also posted it to remind us all to think of others this seasons, because we are all going through secret burdens that no one knows about. I’ve kept a front to most people except my closest friends  – which means smiling through tons of pain! And trying to be my normal over-giddy hyperactive self – but I’m trying to view this as a life lesson to learn from, in whatever way I can, and just accept it and just be. I realised that I wouldn’t allow myself to just rest, which only made things worse, and so I’m trying to accept that.

Do you know what I also realised? I haven’t shared any of our wedding pictures with you! What?! Today will make 6 months since we’ve been married! So to make up for the last few months, here’s some of our favourite wedding pictures. I also can’t wait to show you our home hopefully later on when I pick back up my camera. See you very soon!

Jessica and her bridesmaids.
 Gavin and his groomsmen.

 Gavin and friends laughing.

Jessica smiling in her wedding dress.

A wedding marquee.

Jessica walking in her wedding dress.

Jessica & gavin walking and smiling.

Jessica and gavin holding hands under a tree.

Jessica & gavin holding hands and smiling at each other.

Jessica & gavin holding hands and laughing.

Jessica & gavin with friends posing for the camera.
Camera looking up at jessica and friends.

Jessica & gavin looking down at the camera.

Jessica walking down the aisle on her wedding day.

Jessica & gavin kissing.
Jessica & gavin looking at camera and smiling.

Jessica & gavin standing with friends.

Wedding table in a white room.

Empty wedding reception room.

Side shot of gold wedding cake.

Gavin kneeling in front of jessica.

Jessica and gavin dancing.

People dancing at a wedding.

Young boy dancing on the dancefloor.

Jessica dancing with friends.

Jessica and wedding guests dancing.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    You were a beautiful bride. I wish you well and hope you are feeling better soon. Your post was a great reminder that we never know what burdens others are carrying and patience and kindness to all. I thank you for that.

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you so much Stephanie! That is so, so true and you’re welcome! Thanks for being so kind!

  2. Monica says:

    Oh my goodness! So sorry to hear about the medical issues and I’m really sending you good vibes here. I hope you continue to feel better and better. Happy to see you returning to blogging and even more happy for you when I see those gorgeous wedding photos!

  3. natesha says:

    Happy New Year!!! And yes I have missed opening my mail after a bz day to relax and enjoy your pictures of delicious food and laughter filled blogs.

    Romans 8v28 says “All things work together for good to the that love the Lord” and I just want to say whatever medical storm you maybe facing right now. I declare and reverse and se d back that sickness to the pit of hell where it comes from. David said “touch not Gods anointed” and you are indeed called and blessed by God by His stripes Jessica you are healed! In Jesus Name. Amen.

    The doctors may not know all the answer my dear but Jesus does, he created that body and its his, so he will not cant but will heal you! God bless your husband! A strong man of God! That’s love, after a joyous occasion sickness appeared but he stood strong! God bless him always.

    Its the first am writing to you lol am the silent type. Love to read and smile at your posts but am happy to see you again in.my inbox and you remembered me enuff to send me a post.
    God bless you and go forth this 2016 with healing and love and I look forward to your testimony post of God’s healing hands (the true doctor) healing you from head to toe.

    Be bless my sister

    Natesha ^_^

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Natasha,

      Your comment means SO much to me!!! Thank you so so so much. <3 God bless you too! Thank you so much for coming out of the silence 🙂 to send me such a positive message.

  4. MattnBrians Mom says:

    Hi Jessica, I just stumbled on your blog today with your ‘Tahini’ recipe. What gorgeous pictures and such a down to earth blog you have… I clicked to see other recipes & saw that you are a new bride and had been sick. I am so sorry to hear that. MY what *beautiful* wedding pictures – Looks like it was a blessed day for all!!

    I had some misfortune after my wedding 26 years ago in Aug 1989 (today, I am still happily married to my best friend and 2 kids later), We found out 2 weeks before our wedding that I had a massive tumor on my ovary & needed major surgery. They could not say if it was benign or malignant and if it wasn’t for all of the money we had on deposits everywhere for our big day, we would have postponed our wedding entirely. The Monday morning after we were married, I spent my ‘Honeymoon’ in the hospital to remove the tumor. Thank God it was benign. I did lose a full ovary and fallopian tube & had a HUGE abdominal incision, but, I was so grateful not to have had a total hysterectomy.. After an 8 week recovery, we finally were able to go on our Honeymoon in Hawaii. Within 5 years we had 2 beautiful, healthy boys… Lightening did strike a 2nd time for me and I needed a repeat surgery but, still benign. We had no more children, but, God granted me my beloved family and I am grateful every day. Someday, I hope to gain 2 daughters-in-love to fully complete our family!!

    You WILL get through this. Just take every day as the blessing that it truly is. Keep on cooking, blogging and enjoying your best friend/new husband. The rest of your life will fall into place, it sometimes is just not in the time or order in which you would prefer. Hopefully, you will be better soon and someone will have answers to explain your health issues. Don’t be afraid to get other opinions and to check out various healing options – sometimes there are allergies (airborne, food…) that can wreak havoc on your body. Good luck & stay positive!! 🙂


    • Jessica says:

      Hi Chris,

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful story! I can feel your positivity in your message and I’m going to absorb it all. Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog and your encouraging words about my journey. I’m definitely open to various healing options and look forward to sharing a recovery story! It’s terrible what you had to go through but I’m so glad that by the grace of God you are healed!! Thank you again <3

  5. Theresa says:

    Gorgeous photos! I am new to your blog. I sure hope you re feeling better soon!
    Looking forward to trying several of your recipes : )

  6. Winter B says:

    I am just seeing your wedding pictures! Beautiful! I see that it was in Jamaica … my husband is Jamaican so I know the island very well!
    Enjoy your Saturday! I’m super excited to have you as an encouragement to stay vegetarian! My husband and I decided that because black lives matter instead of protesting in the streets during covid we will start with ourselves. I started a vegetable garden and we stopped eating meat! It’s been about 5 months and I love it!
    We have grown carrots lettuce green pepper basil parsley pumpkin whatever I can grow I will … That’s a lil about me I hope we both can continue to share.

    • Hi Winter,

      Aww thank you so much for sharing this with me!! I hope you enjoy your Saturday and weekend too and I’m SO happy to hear that!! So amazing about your vegetable garden too – we just got a large garden and can’t WAIT to start planting veggies! Definitely will be sharing that process – currently only have basil, but will be doing others too!! Can’t wait!

      Keep in touch and wishing you all the best and thanks for joining me here!

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