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  1. You and me are the same – I refuse to buy an icecream machine too. I feel very old school but at the same time a lot of labor of love goes into the ice cream this way. And who thought avocado and chocolate ice cream! Yum!

  2. I’ve never baked or made a sweet treat with avocado, and I have to say, this looks like some of the creamiest ice cream! I’m really going to have to give it a try! 🙂

  3. A harder chocolate smoothie hahaha I love the way you think, Jessica! Itried avo ice-cream for the first time ever a couple of days ago and I was shocked at how awesome it was! Your version looks incredible!!
    Hope you have a fabulous week! xx

  4. Jessica, I’m drooling like crazy over here! I’ve always wanted to try avocado chocolate something and this ice cream is going to the top of the list! Also, on a totally unrelated note–have you ever swam in any of the bioluminescent bays in Jamaica? My husband and I are batting around the idea of visiting Jamaica in January (mostly to escape our horrendous winter) and thought the bays looked amazing!

    • Thanks Amy! I can’t let you beat me to it LOL. Glistening Waters Luminous Lagoon is where I would recommend – we plan to do it before the year is over. It terrifies me but it’s so cool at the same time!! When I do it I will let you know

  5. Ohh Yummm… Gorgeous pictures Jessica! What a unique combination… Chocolate and avocado…Love it… 🙂

  6. I am pretty blown away. This chocolate ice cream looks amazing – can’t hardly believe it’s made with avocados. I can’t believe the Mr. is not into chocolate but I’m glad he enjoyed this so much. I would love to taste it! : ) And those nonpareil sprinkles are my favorite. Kudos on making it w/o an ice cream maker, too.

  7. Jess, you totally read my mind. I was literally just thinking of making ice cream with avocado this morning and now your wonderful recipe fell into lap. This is perfect! Thank you thank you thank you for making a no-machine version. I can’t bear the thought of buying another pricey appliance so I’m gathering all the no-machine ice cream recipes I can find. And girl, this is totally a health food. I’m going to make it and I’m not sharing with anyone!

  8. This recipe is blowing my mind! How is that vegan and healthy? Those pictures are just amazing! I could dive into that bowl right now 🙂

  9. Yep, I totally want this for breakfast. This ice cream looks seriously amazing, Jessica! Avocado ice cream has been on my to-do list this summer and I’m thinking it’s happening soon. Stunning photos too! Pinned. 🙂

  10. you are an ice cream maker genius, Jessica!
    I love the fact that this is a healthy ice cream … but it sounds so tasty as well. I love avocado and wouldn’t even mind if you could taste it … haha!
    P.S. Your man doesn’t like chocolate? Wha …?

  11. Ooooo I need to try this! I made chocolate mousse with avocado a ways back and loved it so I know I would love this. And I mean probably even more because it’s ice cream! With coconut milk!!!

  12. My mister also hates chocolate – I still can’t understand why, but I’ve always said that’s probably the best thing that could have happened to me. I already consume more than I should and can’t even begin to imagine what life would be like if he was just as obsessed, haha.
    This ice cream – you’re a GENIUS, girl! It’s a must, must, must make! I can barely believe that this awesomeness is healthy. So good!

  13. girrrl you are making me a believer!!! I’ve been one of those avo-choco skeptics too, but you are really taming any worries I might have bc omg ICE CREAM. this looks so fluffy and wonderfully smooth, 100% pinning this bad boy 🙂

  14. Holy moly, this looks incredible Jessica! I love love love that you made this with avocado and coconut. I could eat ice cream all day if I could so the fact that this is healthier and doesn’t require me to lug out the heavy ice cream maker sounds perfect! Pinning 🙂

  15. It has been so overcast here for the past few days and we’ve been getting downpours every afternoon. It us such a nice change from the hot sun beating down everyday. Although, it has been overcast, I am always still in the mood for ice cream! I”ve been wanting to try avocado based ice cream for a while and this looks so good! I can’t wait to try it!

  16. NO WAY there’s avocado in there, Jessica!! This ice cream looks so, SO good – just like rich and creamy classic chocolate. I’ve seen recipes pairing avocado with chocolate but haven’t taken the plunge in testing them out before. You’ve really inspired me to give it a go! When I do though I will most definitely eat it for breakfast! 🙂

  17. Yes’m, I shall be making this ASAP! Not a huge avocado fan personally, but I can definitely use a healthy dose of it in my chocolate puddings and ice creams 😀

  18. I am staring at this in awe because I definitely could not tell there was even a hint of anything green in there! WHOA. Very impressed.

  19. Omg, so because I can rarely find cocoa powder that’s vegan – and i couldnt wait anymore, so I just ran with the basics. Its freezing right now and looks soo creamy and delicious i cant wait to try it. Instead of chocolaté, i used à similar portion of peanut butter (which I love) and half à banana with some cardamum. Im not à fan of uber sweet deserts, so if like me you love peanut butter. Its an alternative ha! Oh and I added à bit of maple syrup. I have a betty crocker chocolaté frosting thing, which surprisingly is vegan, and some left over coconut milk. So that can be reduced to some chocolaté syrup for topping. Hmmm. Omg typing about all this is making me more eager to put it in My belly. Ohhh if we could speed up the freezing process!

    • Hey Xaiver! So excited that you’re trying this – let me know how it tastes with all your variations because it sounds SO yummy and I’d love to try your version!! BY the way you can buy vegan cocoa powder on Amazon. Surprisingly enough, Hershey’s Cocoa Powder is vegan! PETA has a great list of vegan baking products

  20. Hi, this looks amazing and simple…I hope…lol. Any idea of the calorie count? I guess I could try to figure it out, but I thought maybe you might have already. Good calories anyway :). Thanks! Arlette

    • Hi Arlette,

      Thank you! I don’t have a calorie count but bear in mind that while they are good calories as you said, coconut milk is high in calories.

  21. Trying this recipe right now, without an ice cream maker….Question: Should I freeze for one full hour and then wisk every 20 minutes for the last 4-5 hours or start wisking every 20 minutes from the beginning of freeze time.


    • Hi Jodie! Every 20 minutes from the beginning of freezing time. After the first hour of whisking, you could whisk probably once an hour, but you would get maximum results if you did it every 20 minutes. Just ensure you store is in a freezer safe container to avoid ice!

  22. I love your website! (: I’m doing this right now. I started whisking after the 1 hour every 20 minutes. (: Cannot wait to try it out!! (: Thanks Jessica! You’re awesome. Keep up these tasty & healthy recipes (:

  23. I just tried this recipe, and it is absolutely declious. Creamy, flavorful and smooth. It’s also easy. Thanks so much for this post.

    • Hi Serene! Yes – but specifically coconut milk. Regular milk won’t work as well since it doesn’t thicken up like coconut milk. Hope that helps!

  24. Hi Jessica, OMG! I wanted to make this just as you said, but only had 300ml coconut milk, so added 100ml cream (my bad!), then didn’t have maple syrup so added agave nectar. THEN, was going to freeze it, but had to have a little taste, and it tasted just like those SUPER-unhealthy chocolate puddings from a box I had as a child, so I must apologise, but it didn’t make it to the freezer at all! Your recipe is SO delicious just as a fridge pudding! Will make the ice-cream one day I promise. Thank you for a fantastic recipe.

    • Fabiola, you just made me laugh so loud! I’m so glad you enjoyed it haha – what’s better than healthy tasting like it isn’t?! You’re so welcome and thanks for the feedback!

  25. Hello,
    I know the comments are mainly 2014. Its 2016 and I’m curious as Tom Brady eats avocado based ice cream I decided to google it and ended up here. I have a couple of questions. Avocado the big green ones or the smaller bumpy skinned ones that turn dark when there ripe. Well actually what do those big green ones with the smooth skin look like when they’re ripe? I’ve only made Alton Browns guacamole with the small bumpy skinned ones. What would happen if you stuck it in the freezer and didn’t whisk it because you forgot about it? I’m going to try this so I want to buy the right stuff.
    Thanks in advance if anyone is still following the old blog.

    • Hi Betty,

      I use the big green ones with the smooth skin. They get a little darker, but their pit is the marker as to whether they are ripe or not – remove the pit and the skin inside is slightly darker. This diagram can help:

      It would get icy if you stuck it in the freezer and didn’t whisk it, and would be more like cold chocolate avocado and not the smooth consistency of ice cream. I hope it tastes delicious!

  26. This was AMAZING!! Just made it now and WOW, might not even make it to the freezer. Next time I’m going to put in some mint. Thank you!!!

  27. Hi Jessica! I have a question – This ice cream recipe looks utterly amazing and I would love to try it out, except that avocados don’t exactly sit well with my stomach. Do you think (based on cooking experience) that I would be able to replace the 4.5 oz of avocado with 4.5 oz of canned pumpkin as both ingredients have similar thick yet creamy textures? I know I would end up with an added pumpkin flavor to the chocolate (which I am okay with), but do you believe the replacement would be possible or is the avocado absolutely essential?

    • Hi Hailey,

      Sorry that I’m just seeing your comment! I can’t say yes for sure but I think you should try it! They are both creamy fats but avocado is a lot more like heavy cream in terms of fat than pumpkin is. Let me know how it turns out!

  28. I tried this today and was blown away by how wonderful it is! So smooth and creamy. (I only had a can of “lite” coconut milk on hand but decided to give the recipe a try with it anyway, and it worked great.)

    Thanks for the recipe!

    • Hi Sherri,

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my recipe!! Glad to hear lite coconut milk works also. You’re very welcome and thanks for the feedback!

  29. I’m curious as to how strong the coconut flavor is? Every time I try coconut ice cream from the store, it is just too strong a coconut flavor. (I like coconut but for some reason I don’t like coconut ice cream or things fried in coconut oil). I do have lactose intolerance so need to find something other than milk based.

    • Hi Candy,

      Honestly it tastes like chocolate ice cream! You do taste some coconut, but it isn’t overpowering (like coconut oil). The avocado neutralises that flavour a bit. I may not be the best judge, I love coconut, but it’s not what you taste when having these. I hope you try it and enjoy it!!


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