Here are my favourite 5 ways on How To Stay Happy And Healthy While Travelling!

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Happy Friday friends! I wanted try something new with you today: answering your questions on a public forum in order to help others out too (with your permission of course)! Today I wanted to share a reader question that I get pretty often.

“How do you stay healthy while travelling? I don’t just mean fitness wise, but in terms of having high energy and not getting sick? I always feel so drained after a few days and end up dragging on the rest of the trip.”


As you might know, the Mr. and I, and my family travel often for leisure and I travel almost every month for business too. It took me a while to realise that I needed to put some steps in place to stay healthy while travelling to first of all, not gain weight every single time I travelled, but to also be able to thoroughly enjoy the trip without feeling so tired from all the newness on the trip itself. I try to implement some, if not all of these tips below into our trips to have high energy throughout the trip and to also fight off any sickness.

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  1. Drink water – and keep a track of it

    This is without a doubt my #1 tip to stay healthy while travelling. When you go on vacation, ensure that you not only drink all your water (half your your body weight in fluid ounces), but that you keep a track that you’re actually doing it. When I’m at home, water is, well, about 20 steps away in the kitchen, so I’m guaranteed to always drink the right amounts. On vacation, it can be very difficult to not only source water that isn’t expensive hotel bottled water, but you’re also doing SO much that the day can end and you’ve only drank like three cups!! This is a main reason that you can get sluggish or sick on vacation, or even end up suffering from dehydration.

    When we travel we buy a case of water (yes, a case or even three depending on the length of the trip) from the local mart and bring it back to our hotel room to not only cut down on costs, but so there are no excuses.

    ONE more thing on water – PLEASE drink water on the plane. Our last flight was 9 hours long, and it’s important to remember that that is a LONG time without water!! If you plan to sleep on your flight, drink right before and after you wake up. If you’re awake the whole time, drink like you would around the clock back at home. A lot of people get sick on the plane which can ruin their whole vacation, so really ensure to keep it up.

  2. Try and stick to some parts of your regular daily routine

    Tell me if this sounds familiar: you’re on vacation and you abandon your entire regular daily routine. You either wake up much earlier than you usually do, or much later. You don’t practice your morning routine. Then you stay up way past your usual bedtime and do it all over again! No wonder we get that sluggish feeling very soon. I try to stick to some parts of my regular daily routine so that my body doesn’t go into complete shock. This isn’t easy – part of being on vacay is to get away the norm, right?!

    Implementing this into tiny steps can make a huge difference to settle your body and mind. This is especially useful if you’re travelling across the world to somewhere outside of your regular time zone. On our last trip for example, I still got up and did yoga and meditated. I tried to have most breakfasts as close as possible to my regular breakfast (oatmeal, or a smoothie with *maybe* a few hash browns on the side!). MOST importantly – I still take my vitamins and probiotics on vacation. These small steps really ended up helping me and I was free to plan the rest of the day to my own vacation rhythm.

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  3. Order up! Load up on veggies at your meals
    If you order a nice treat for lunch or dinner, please try and order some veggies on the side! This isn’t just about fitness but you really do need those veggies to keep you full and hydrated and nourished. It can be very tempting to order all the fries – trust me, I did this on our last trip way too much (my vice!). Balancing out your meal can mean you can still enjoy yourself while taking care of your health at the same time. Trying to load up on veggies high in Vitamin C. Spinach, kale, beets, tomatoes etc. will also help to keep any colds at bay.
  4. Bring along healthy travel snacks

    Oh my gosh, well this was a total lifesaver. I made about a dozen of the date bars in my upcoming ebook again for this trip plus my usual healthy travel snacks and they made SUCH a huge difference. It’s really hard to stick to a proper eating schedule on vacation.  Always having a snack in my bag helped to keep hunger and hangry at bay until the next meal. You don’t have to make a whole snack though. You can even grab some almonds and keep them in your bag. Unfortunately I missed a few meals in London just due to our schedule, and these worked so well for me until our next meal. You can also buy some healthy snacks at the local mart too.

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  5. Incorporate your workouts in a more fun way

    Being on vacation shouldn’t mean you have to miss your workout. If your hotel as a gym then you’re probably set. But let’s be honest, it’ll still be difficult to fit your workout into this new, temporarily busy schedule. If you can’t get to the gym, ensure you get some sort of workout in to keep your body moving in a new and fun way.

    Maybe do a fun local outdoor activity together, or walk to your destination instead of taking the subway or cab. You can use it as a chance to enjoy this new place and to take in the scenery. You can also try a local workout class that may be different from something you would’ve done back at home. This way you won’t even feel like you’re working out and you’ll be out of the gym’s four walls.

I really hope this tips helped with staying healthy while travelling. Have an amazing trip whenever next you go on vacation! What do you do to stay healthy while travelling? Let me know your feedback in the comments section please!