So, Valentine’s Day is the new latest buzz in our food blogger community – you know what that means!  Everywhere there are endless Valentine’s Day posts so I will make this Thursday Things about Valentine’s Day past and to come.

1. I’m starting with not one but two recipes for you, as a quick flashback before next week’s compilation Valentine’s Day post. I loved all three of these recipes and wish you great success with them!



2. Last year for Valentine’s Day I was Cupid. Seriously. I spent the entire day (plus no sleep) delivering Valentine’s Day gifts. While I enjoyed every, one in particular was really great for me. I delivered to a client’s girlfriend spontaneously “Hi is your name x?” She looked at me, then the prettily decorated box in my hand, back at me, then at her boyfriend walking in behind me. The tears came immediately. I handed her the box gently and got out of the way. She opened it and immediately started crying even more – I had decorated the cake with “I Love You” and cascading hearts on the sides. Picture this – it was also in front of a lot of people and it was just great, a lot of love in the air. I know I won’t be much of a Cupid this year because I’ve barely had time to advertise because of law school but whatever my role is I will be happy to help couples stay strong!

3. I think if I had to have a favourite Valentine’s Day themed treat it would have to be some sort of heart shaped cheesecake. Look, I’m a complete sucker for love. I cry at wedding shows (Whose Wedding Is It Anyway, Say Yes to the Dress for example). Mr. Jessiker Bakes thinks it’s cute but it’s starting to annoy me because my mascara is not waterproof. Anyway, that’s exactly why I totally get the whole notion of heart shaped. And in truth we bloggers have tried to run away from it I guess because it’s cliche but I’m hear to bring it back to you!

4. SPEAKING of Valentine’s Day, who remembers the movie Valentine’s Day? With the millions of actors and actresses – can you say one of the best movie evers! It was so funny, and I think I’ve watched it way too many times. I love Jessica Biel’s meltdown scene with the candy…I’ve been there. Except, not over love. Just over law. Like, today, ten minutes ago.


Happy Thursday!!