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Hey there friends! Welcome to Jessica in the Kitchen’s 2nd Annual Reader Survey!

Hey Friends, welcome to my Second (2nd) Annual Reader Survey! Just like last year, thank you so much for being a Jessica in the Kitchen reader!! To every single person, and once again, an even bigger thank you if you have ever shared my blog with a friend, family member, colleague, anyone or if you are a return user. I could not do Jessica in the Kitchen without you!

It’s been a complete pleasure sharing my life with you all, and getting to do what I love full time is truly a dream come true. I want to keep growing year by year, and I always need your help to do it. I want to ensure that my content is always relevant to you, and I always love your suggestions for what you, my readers, would love to see new or next, or just continued, on Jessica in the Kitchen. I’ve created a short reader survey that I am asking you to please fill out for me :)! It’ll help me to keep Jessica in the Kitchen as great as it is, if not better!

You can fill out the survey here! -> https://goo.gl/forms/b620LeEkIvhvvJaB3 or below.



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