1st annual reader survey title card.

Hey Friends, welcome to my First (1st) Annual Reader Survey! Firstly, I want to say thank you THANK YOU to every single person reading this, and an even bigger thank you if you’d ever shared my blog with anyone or are a return user. You make Jessica in the Kitchen what it is and you’re so important to me. Because you’re so important to me, I want and NEED to know more about you to ensure that I’m sharing the best possible content for you, my readers. So I’ve done a really short reader survey (7 questions) that I am asking you to please fill it out for me :).

If you’re following me on social media (*Hint Hint*) you may have realised that I’ve been going full time with producing new and exciting content for you especially on Instagram and Snapchat: jessinkitchen  based on what you guys have requested so know that I’ll keep doing this even better after you’ve filled out the survey. I make recipes on these platforms that never make it to the blog or anywhere else! Thank you so much again!

You can fill out the survey here! -> http://goo.gl/forms/ft0UXjaQCu or below.

Thank you again!

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