Arancini Fried Rice Balls 

These Arancini Fried Rice Balls are stuffed with melty vegan mozzarella, then fried (or air fried!) to crispy perfection. The perfect way to use leftover risotto!


Leftover Risotto Panko Breadcrumbs Sea Salt Black Pepper Garlic Powder Algae Oil Vegan Mozzarella Arrabbiata Sauce

Roll the risotto into golf size balls, which is about two tablespoons. Add vegan mozzarella in the centre and roll into a tight rice ball. 

Roll the ball in the panko breadcrumbs, coating it evenly, then repeat with the remaining risotto.

Drop the risotto balls into hot oil, being careful not to over-crowd them, cook for 5 minutes on one side. Flip and cook for 2 to 3 minutes on the other side, until golden brown.


Serve with parsley and Arrabbiata sauce.

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