Poke Bowls

These vegan poke bowls are brimming with colour and flavour! Top a base of rice with homemade watermelon “tuna,” sliced avocado, pickled ginger, and an array of fresh toppings. Perfect for meal prep lunches!

Watermelon Tuna Avocado Sesame Seeds White Rice Pickled Ginger Carrots Cucumber Nori Sheets Edamame Vegan Spicy Mayo

Ingredients for Vegan Poke Bowl

Prepare the watermelon tuna by marinating cubed watermelon in a blend of seasonings to mimic the flavor of ahi tuna steak.

Add rice to the bowls, followed by avocado slices and sesame seeds. Then layer in the carrots, cucumber, nori, ginger, and edamame.

Add the watermelon tuna and garnish with the spicy mayo.


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