"The tofu is crisp with a perfect texture and the sweet & sour sauce is unbelievably delicious!  It comes together quickly and tastes amazing as meal prep too!


CRISPY TOFU Extra Firm Tofu  Soy Sauce Garlic Salt & Pepper Cornstarch OIl SWEET & SOUR SAUCE Sugar Ketchup Vinegar Water Soy Sauce Garlic Bell Pepper Pineapple Red Onion Sesame Seeds Scallion

Tear tofu into pieces, coat in seasonings & cornstarch.

Fry the tofu until nice and crispy.

Fry veggies & pineapple. Add remaining sauce ingredients and cook until done.

Add the crispy tofu  to the sauce.

Lynn SAYS: This is the second time I have made this Sweet & Sour Tofu–IT IS AMAZING! I got the tofu perfectly crispy and I can easily see using the tofu coating and making a batch of just the tofu to snack on or throw on a salad. Love it!

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