Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta

With sweet, chewy sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and a creamy sauce, this sun-dried tomato pasta recipe tastes like it came from your favourite restaurant—but it’s easy to make at home!

Simple Ingredients

You'll only need pasta, spinach, and a few other ingredients to make this easy recipe.

Follow the package directions and cook the pasta in a pot of salted water. Reserve 1 cup of the cooking water, then drain.

Melt butter in a skillet, add sun-dried tomato oil, onion, and garlic, and cook until translucent. Then stir in the sun-dried tomatoes.

Stir in the flour and cook for 1 minute, then add the plant milk. Reduce heat and cook until the sauce thickens.

Stir in the nutritional yeast and spinach and cook until the spinach wilts. Then remove from the heat.

Stir the pasta into the sauce, adding the cooking water a little at a time, if needed.

Divide the pasta onto plates or into bowls and serve warm with the fresh parsley for garnish.


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