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These cute and tasty Vanilla Coke Float Shooters are kid-friendly and the perfect treat to cool down with this summer!

Vanilla Coke Float Shooters #ShareitForward #shop

Summer finally feels in full swing since over this weekend we completed not one, but two ice cream posts. These Vanilla Coke Float Shooters were so fun to shoot and of course drink! When I was accepted to do this campaign for Coke #ShareitForward #CollectiveBias, I knew that I had to make Coke Floats, and then thought, why not make this cuter and more kid friendly? That’s how coke float shooters were born.

I remember visiting the Coke factory a few years ago in Georgia and being amazed at how much work has been going into Coke since well, the beginning of time. The factory tour covered everything – from the beginning and how the logo has been such a huge part of the company, to how much work they put in place in every country that they sell in. I’ve been especially a fan of the different fun campaigns from the smile videos to the twist caps to the names on the bottles. Did you know that in Europe Coke is more bubbly since that’s what more popular there? That was kind of a cool fact and made sense to all the fizzy water I had while over there!

Vanilla Coke Float Shooters #ShareitForward #shop

Back to these shooters. Mr. Bakes and I decided to go with the typical Coke Float recipe for these, except we decided to place them in shot glasses. You start with two cookie scoops of vanilla ice cream then topped it off with your classic CokeAdd a few sprinkles, a cherry and a baby straw and you have your Coke float shooter! I didn’t want to crowd it with too many variations since I actually really love this version.

These shooters tasted so delicious. The fizziness with the sweetness was so good and I love that you could just shoot it down in one go – which was especially amazing since it’s been SO hot! You could even add chocolate sprinkles on top or anything of your choice – these are totally customisable. We bought our Coke bottles at Walmart, which as you can see, have a pretty wide variation!


P.S. and super heads up – On July 6th there will be a Nationwide Share a Coke Event at Walmart stores. It’s going to be fun event with other families and friends and everyone will be enjoying the sharing of a Coke. If you’re near one of the Walmart stores on the list it would be a great event to go to! Who would you bring to share a Coke with you?

Vanilla Coke Float Shooters #ShareitForward #shop

When Mr. Bakes and I were finished shooting this post, we each grabbed a glass and did a “toast to Coke” and slurped down our tasty shooters. Now that, is how I’d share a Coke. You will not regret trying out one of these – they are so easy to create if you have guests and will guarantee people asking for more!

Now, excuse me while I go whip up some more of these and add an extra heaping of sprinkles on top, I’ve been thinking about them since Saturday. Happy Monday!

Vanilla Coke Float Shooters #ShareitForward #shop
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Vanilla Coke Float Shooters

Vanilla Coke Float Shooters

Prep Time:
Serves: As many as you'd like
Category: Snacks
  • 20 oz bottle of Coke (you won't need the entire bottle)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Cherries with stems
  • Sprinkles
  • shot glasses or mini glasses
  • Scoop two tablespoons of vanilla ice cream into each glass. Top with Coke and stop a little bit before it reaches the top - the fizziness will push it up a bit.
  • Add a cherry on top and some sprinkles.
  • Drink with a straw or just drink everything at once (not the cherry stem of course!)
  • Enjoy!
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by Jessica

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  1. These shooters look amazing! I love Vanilla Coke and making them into a shake/shooter with ice cream, cherries and sprinkles – brilliant! 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks Kristi!

      • Linda says:

        I don’t mean to be critical, but I have strong objections to saying this drink is “kid friendly,” while presenting it I a shot glass. I think it sends the wrong message. I know that was not your intention, but it reminds me of the candy cigarettes and such that used to be sold to kids…

        • Jessica says:

          Thanks for your comment Linda! I totally get what you’re saying. That’s why I never once said “shot it down” and that’s why we used straws – the flavours were loved by the kids who tried it and none of them tried to shot it down but drank it through the straws. I only suggested shot glasses because of the size, and because many other drinks are had other than alcohol such as wheat shots.

  2. Chelsea says:

    These are SO cute! Love the miniature glasses. They sound perfect for a hot dog! And Coke? One of my faves!

  3. Chelsea says:

    Hot DAY!!!!! Haha no idea why hot dog was typed!

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks Chelsea! Haha I’ve had worse autocorrects, no worries. 🙂

  4. Jessica, this recipe is FUN in a glass!! I love it!! 🙂

  5. Oh wow I had no idea that your coke was different from us! :O
    These floats look absolutely darling, and I’m sure they’re delicious as well!
    Hope you have a nice week 🙂

  6. I have wonderful memories of eating these when I was a child! I don’t think I’ve had one since then, though, and now I’m wondering why ever not? These are beautiful – I absolutely love your photos in this post! 🙂

  7. These sound and look divine! Love the idea- so delicious!

  8. I would love one too! They look adorable!

  9. Ashley says:

    Shooters are just so so fun! I love miniature versions of things like this! They sound awesome and perfect for summer!

  10. marcie says:

    I’ve never had a coke float, but it sounds even more delicious than root beer! What a great idea, Jessica. 🙂

  11. When I go to Europe, I’ll have to order a coke 🙂

  12. Liz says:

    I haven’t had an ice cream float in ages! They definitely bring up fun memories from my childhood! And your shooter size is just perfect!

  13. Yum – this looks so good and decadent!! A coke float sounds so delicious, I’ve never had one before!

  14. I love those glasses! I need some of those 😀 These coke float shooters looks so delicious! I want one now. Pinning

  15. These shooters look so unbelievable! I feel like I would order these in a vintage diner! Gorgeous photos as usual!

  16. These look like a great summer drink. Love it!

  17. Joanne says:

    I haven’t had a coke-infused ice cream soda in FOREVER. But they were a big part of my childhood…and i miss them. Now I know what my weekend plans are going to involve.

  18. What a fun recipe, Jessica! Love your pictures and the mini glasses. Sounds like the perfect afternoon treat!

  19. These are SO SO SO cute, Jessica! And the small glasses are cute too. So fun this recipe. Great for summer hot days 😉

  20. Kristy says:

    These look delicious! #client

  21. These are so adorable, I can barely contain myself!

  22. These look so, so delicious! Love the sprinkles on top!

  23. These are sooo cute! These bring back super fond memories, when it was my Dad’s night to make dinner it was ALWAYS pizza and coke floats!

  24. These are so cute and fun!! Also the other ice cream recipes look delicious as well !!! YUM! Gotta love ice cream and sweets 🙂

  25. How amazing do these shooters look?! So so colorful and festive with the sprinkles and cherry on top! Perfect for the upcoming holiday weekend. Gorgeous photos too, Jessica!

  26. These are soooo totally adorable! Your execution is flawless!

  27. ela@GrayApron says:

    Beautiful, Jessica! They definitely call for a celebration!

    ela h.

  28. Arpita@ TheGastronomicBong says:

    Coke float shooters look amazing.. I have never tried floater before.. never.. I donno why.. This looks so beautiful.. have all the ingredients .. I m definitely gonna make it today.. thanks for posting.. 🙂

  29. What a fun experience at the Coke factory, Jess! I love Coke – I always picked it during the Pepsi Challenge back in the 90s. And their advertising has always been top notch. Have you had the Coke made in Mexico with cane sugar? Sooooooo much better than the regular stuff. These little vanilla Coke floaters look adorable and delicious, my favourite combo 😉 I echo everyone else’s comment – your photos are gorgeous!

  30. Cutest coke idea EVER!!

  31. Catherine says:

    How many ounces are the mini glasses. Will be serving about 150 for a trunk a treat event at church. Also did you just cut your straws and Will they need the straws to keep the ice cream from sticking to bottom.

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Catherine,

      I honestly don’t remember the size of the mini glasses, but 2 ounces or even 3 ounces should be fine; it’s totally up to you. I cut my straws, and while you don’t need straws they make it much easier to drink through.

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