Vanilla Coke Float Shooters

By Jessica Hylton - - Updated
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These cute and tasty Vanilla Coke Float Shooters are kid-friendly and the perfect treat to cool down with this summer!

Vanilla Coke Float Shooters #ShareitForward #shop

Summer finally feels in full swing since over this weekend we completed not one, but two ice cream posts. These Vanilla Coke Float Shooters were so fun to shoot and of course drink! When I was accepted to do this campaign for Coke #ShareitForward #CollectiveBias, I knew that I had to make Coke Floats, and then thought, why not make this cuter and more kid friendly? That’s how coke float shooters were born.

I remember visiting the Coke factory a few years ago in Georgia and being amazed at how much work has been going into Coke since well, the beginning of time. The factory tour covered everything – from the beginning and how the logo has been such a huge part of the company, to how much work they put in place in every country that they sell in. I’ve been especially a fan of the different fun campaigns from the smile videos to the twist caps to the names on the bottles. Did you know that in Europe Coke is more bubbly since that’s what more popular there? That was kind of a cool fact and made sense to all the fizzy water I had while over there!

Vanilla Coke Float Shooters #ShareitForward #shop

Back to these shooters. Mr. Bakes and I decided to go with the typical Coke Float recipe for these, except we decided to place them in shot glasses. You start with two cookie scoops of vanilla ice cream then topped it off with your classic CokeAdd a few sprinkles, a cherry and a baby straw and you have your Coke float shooter! I didn’t want to crowd it with too many variations since I actually really love this version.

These shooters tasted so delicious. The fizziness with the sweetness was so good and I love that you could just shoot it down in one go – which was especially amazing since it’s been SO hot! You could even add chocolate sprinkles on top or anything of your choice – these are totally customisable. We bought our Coke bottles at Walmart, which as you can see, have a pretty wide variation!


P.S. and super heads up – On July 6th there will be a Nationwide Share a Coke Event at Walmart stores. It’s going to be fun event with other families and friends and everyone will be enjoying the sharing of a Coke. If you’re near one of the Walmart stores on the list it would be a great event to go to! Who would you bring to share a Coke with you?

Vanilla Coke Float Shooters #ShareitForward #shop

When Mr. Bakes and I were finished shooting this post, we each grabbed a glass and did a “toast to Coke” and slurped down our tasty shooters. Now that, is how I’d share a Coke. You will not regret trying out one of these – they are so easy to create if you have guests and will guarantee people asking for more!

Now, excuse me while I go whip up some more of these and add an extra heaping of sprinkles on top, I’ve been thinking about them since Saturday. Happy Monday!

Vanilla Coke Float Shooters #ShareitForward #shop
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Vanilla Coke Float Shooters

by: Jessica in the Kitchen
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Snacks
  • 20 oz bottle of Coke you won't need the entire bottle
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Cherries with stems
  • Sprinkles
  • shot glasses or mini glasses


  • Scoop two tablespoons of vanilla ice cream into each glass. Top with Coke and stop a little bit before it reaches the top - the fizziness will push it up a bit.
  • Add a cherry on top and some sprinkles.
  • Drink with a straw or just drink everything at once (not the cherry stem of course!)
  • Enjoy!
by Jessica

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  1. Catherine says:

    How many ounces are the mini glasses. Will be serving about 150 for a trunk a treat event at church. Also did you just cut your straws and Will they need the straws to keep the ice cream from sticking to bottom.

    • Jessica says:

      Hi Catherine,

      I honestly don’t remember the size of the mini glasses, but 2 ounces or even 3 ounces should be fine; it’s totally up to you. I cut my straws, and while you don’t need straws they make it much easier to drink through.

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