Updates – Broken Foot, Law Exams & A GIVEAWAY!

By Jessica Hylton - - Updated

Hello everyone! You may have noticed a bit of silence over here and that’s because…..I broke my foot!

Yes, that really happened, and for the time being I will healing it for the next two months (1 week has passed so far). Thank you to EVERYONE who follows me on Instagram who has given me their best wishes. Everything has slowed down in my life trying to get used to this and healing, but I am very grateful for my loved ones who are caring for me!

I also have my final law school examinations next week and so my blog will be a silent place for about two weeks. I will be back after with posts I shot before I broke my leg – efficiency is suddenly kicking in!

Soooo since I will be uber silent I am leaving you with a giveaway!



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  1. Jessica, I’m so sorry to hear about the broken foot! Talk about the worst timing, right before your final exams! Well, I’m sure you kicked ass in your finals. Congrats on being done with exams! What year of law school are you in? Are you done or do you have more to go? Anyways, I hope now you get to relax, enjoy some time off and focus on healing.

  2. Ouch! A broken foot?! That’s a long healing time! I wish you a speedy recovery!

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