Today I wanted to share some images from my room with you guys! I know some of you have asked specifically to see it so, as a genie, I grant your wish. Otherwise, I really worked hard organising it (with of course tons of help from Mr. Jessiker Bakes!!!) so I hope you like!
Jessiker Bakes' desk.
1. This is the desk I work at almost everyday. Sometimes, I like to take it outside and take a breather but most times all the magic happens at this baby. I also did that two toned canvas myself but that’s another blog post. I love the organising units, one of which (the lower one) is from Poppin, along with the green pens. The other one was a holder for a perfume bottle that was spray painted with rubber bands on it to create a pattern. Yes! We really did that. I love the result. I don’t use that bag anymore (I change it every school term – is that excessive?) but that bag is still the love of my life. I also used to collect handbags but I donated about 30 of them the other day (yay me!) not only because I wasn’t using them but seriously ? While gathering dust after never being used in my room someone else could really be making better use of it.
Probably my favourite part of the desk is my lamp! I love love LOVE this lamp!! It’s great for storage because it can be reduced and then extended very long.
Jessiker Bakes' closet.

2. The above is a preview of my closet. Actuallly, it has even more clothing now since I went shopping. As you can see, I love colour, but when I wear black, I WEAR black. I’m wearing black right now actual – from head to toe. I wanted to also share my shoe collection with you … Then I get 2 dozen more shoes. If its any solace, I donated half my wardrobe and about a dozen shoes. And…it’s still almost full…

YES. I have a problem, don’t remind me. My goal is that I have to wear at least 10 of the new ones before this law school year is over or else I’m going to shopping rehab.
Or not.
Inspiration Wall.
3. Two of my idols are Marilyn and Audrey Hepburn. Marilyn because she was just so free and showed everyone how beautiful a woman with curves could be. Maybe her life wasn’t as perfect as the media portrays it not but I love that she always had a smile on her face. Audrey. Oh Audrey! She is the image of class. I loved watching all of her films including my favourite Breakfast at Tiffany’s which I have watched way too many times. She is absolutely beautiful and her older life images remind me to always dress your age. As such, I had to have them in my room! And then you have the Holstee manifesto. This manifesto tells you how to live life, love life, and never ever let people rule you. I read it, very, very often. I remind myself of what my ultimate goal is and how I will be able to reach it. Basically, this is my wall of inspiration.
4. Last but not least, I want to share a link I found on vmac + cheese where Victoria shared quotes from other bloggers about the truth about blogging! There are a lot of misconceptions about blogging (including that it’s easy which trust me it isn’t) so give it a read if you’re blogger and even if you’re not so you can know the truth!
Happy Thursday! Although Suits is over until summer 🙁 and I hope you enjoyed my room pictures. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!