I’m having non-blogging withdrawal symptoms.
So since I have no time to bake anything for now… I wanted to show you some of the new stuff I got.

New NON-Law stuff.
The purchase of my camera led to a few wonderful things. One, no more annoying days lacking a camera/ blurry photos. Of course, law has decided to replace those issues, thanks a lot…
Also, being able to use my tripod, and not propping my camera upon a gorgeous counter stool that are equal height. I’ll miss that.
First, you know I need something to hold my camera. I couldn’t deal with the usual ugly bulky camera bags, that if I leave them somewhere it’ll be gone in 1/2 sec flat.


Side shot of a red bag.
Don’t you think it’s so cute? It’s like a mini bowler bag/cute lunch kit. I love it! It’s the Acme Made The Bowler Camera Bag, Courtesy of Photojojo *best site ever* or of course Amazon.


Top down shot of red bag, opened.

Don’t let anyone fool you…this baby holds my camera, my keys, my ID, my lipgloss, my cell phone + extra memory. And nothing is tight or squished. The perfect solution.

Also the cutest side compartments. To bring extra memory or your best friend along for the ride.

Close up of phone in bag pocket.
Close up of bag pocket with a memory card in it.
I also got some stuff from Bake It Pretty
Sticker from a bakery.
Their Packaging!
Side hose of pink baking cups.
Baking Cups of Course 🙂
Postcard with a cupcake on it.
Cute Postcards!


Paper dolly on a table.
Cutest Doilies Ever!
And some other baking supplies…


Close up of mini donut pan.
Cutest Pan Ever!! Mini-Doughnut Pan


Close up of ice cube tray.
For 100 more ways to waste your well-earned money, contact jessikerbakes@gmail.com :).
Anyhow, probably the thing I loved the most was my vanilla extract.
Yes I’ve always used Vanilla Extract. And yes, Nielsen Massey. But when ol’ faithful began to run out, I decided to make a good investment.


A bottle of vanilla extract.
The 32-ounce bottle.


Two bottles of pure vanilla extract.
It’s humongous. Actually two pounds.
I’m in love.