Today was a hallmark for me. I recently started advertising (by recent I mean yesterday) that I would be doing baking for people’s events for the summer. Of course if all goes well, God willing, I’ll be able to continue even afterwards! So today at about 11:00 am I got a phone call; it turned out to be my first client! She is having a surprise party tonight and wanted to know if I could do a cake for her. Excited, I quickly accepted and got right to it. Because her friend likes coconuts, and chocolate, I decided to do a Red Velvet Cake with Coconut Frosting (…yum.) I really enjoyed doing it and watching the frosting get really thick and beautiful. I’ll be adding to the side of my blog contact information by individuals in Jamaica who are interested in my services. This is definitely a great accomplishment for me and I am always open for business!

A bowl of red frosting.A white frosted cake with a bottle of red wine on a table.Two women holding a cake.