It’s December 31, 2011.

Didn’t this year  just start?


Well, this year has definitely been a life lesson. Probably the biggest life lesson year of all years ever, both personally and for my business. I grew 100% as a person and I learned so much.

Tonight I’ll be celebrating with my friends and fireworks and fun! If you’re staying in don’t forget to check out my last blog post about my twelve favourite recipes you can use for new year’s eve.

But now it’s time for me…yes me! Here are my top twelve memories from my blog for this year! (Make sure you have some cool music playing in the background from January to December 2011.

PS I’ve NEVER shared one of them with you the very last one is a surprise

1) Jessiker Bakes Official Launch Tasting!

Of course, this was my business’ launch and is the top memory for me! I had so much fun and got some great exposure!

2) My First Newspaper Article for Jessiker Bakes

I was so surprised the day this came out! I didn’t know when it was coming out and boom! There it was. Above is the link to the online version of the article. Here’s the link to the blog post: here

3) My First Newspaper Interview
This was very fun! You can click the link above for the full interview


4) Happy 1st Birthday Jessiker Bakes!

My business turned one!!

5) Jessiker Bakes at Relay for Life

The annual cancer fundraising charity project, finally Jessiker Bakes took part as a business!

Jessica and friend at Jessiker bakes stall.

6) My First Time Baking on Film!

No link for this, but I have to give Rachel Ray MAJOR props for being on camera! The heat from that light is NOT cool!

8) My First Video Interview

I was nervous, but the set up was definitely very fun.

9) My First Wedding Cake

Too many words for this here, but this was definitely an experience and a half.


10) Keep Calm and Fight On Bake Sale

So much work was put into this! We raised a lot of money for the Jamaica Cancer Society and it was definitely all worth it.
Row of cakes on a white table.

11) My First Video Blog!

Bahh!! The bloopers in this make me crack up! This just came out but I  had soooo much fun!!

12) YES! My final and one of my MOST favourites! My first printed Magazine Article!!

Kingston Kitchen invited me to do two recipes for their very first magazine and I LOVED the layout!!! These are just snaps from my phone but it gives you a good idea of what they look like:


It wasn’t until I finished this blog post that I realized what an active year 2011 was. I just want to say thank you to everyone who made this year so great for me! 

I hope you had an amazing year and here’s to bigger and better things in 2012!