A row of cakes under glass on a white table.

If you keep up with my Facebook, then you would have known about the Bake Sale that Jessiker Bakes and Rotaract put on with all proceeds going to the Jamaica Cancer Society for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I’m not just going to post the same pictures on Facebook, but also the “before” pictures and the night before to reveal some of the madness and fun that occurred!

But first, the bake sale. It was a success!! We sold everything and we are very happy with the amount we made. There were over 400 desserts so I’d say that’s quite a success!

A stack of chocolate brownies.


Top down shot of white frosted cake under a glass cover.


Top down shot of a chocolate frosted cake with pink icing.


A batch of cupcakes with pink frosting, on a white tray.


Rows of chocolate lollipops on a white tray.


A batch of cupcakes with white icing on a white tray.


Top down shot of a cake covered in white frosting on a glass stand.


A top down shot of a cake with chocolate frosting and pink ribbon.
Photograph of a red banner with Rotaract club on it.


Two framed price lists on a white table.


Wide shot of a cake stand at Jessiker bakes.


Three women putting up a sign that says Jessiker bakes.
Dearest Friends Jessica and Tanaka and Rotaractors helping to put up the banner, unpacking the car and setting up!


A woman putting up Jessiker bakes sign.


A batch up cupcakes on a glass table.
A few of a hundred odd cupcakes




Some white and pink balloons.
We had to keep it somewhere!


Two women and a man in the kitchen, stirring a glass bowl.
Lisa, Chris and Vanessa helping out for hours!! Making frosting pink here


A woman in a pink top and a man in a stripe top, stirring a glass bowl of frosting.
Dominic and Amanda cake popping!

 I COULD NOT HAVE DONE THE DESSERT PREPARATION WITHOUT MY FRIENDS!!!!!! You guys are amazing! Literally, all I had to do was the baking and these wonderful people did the rest – decorating, setting up, selling…So just a special thank you to everyone who helped out!!