Jessica standing in the kitchen, cutting into granola bars.

You can fill out the survey here or down below!

Happy Monday friends (or whichever day you’re reading this!). It’s that time again – time for Jessica in the Kitchen’s Annual Reader Survey! First things first – if you’re reading this – THANK YOU so much for being a Jessica in the Kitchen reader!

So much has changed since the last reader survey. We completed revamped Jessica in the Kitchen and the logo, branding, everything. We created a beautiful recipe index that makes it incredibly easy to find any recipe you’re searching for. I also used so many of your suggestions in the last reader survey to total boost the content on the site! Way more meal-prep friendly recipes. WAY more budget friendly recipes. Ensuring that most of the recipes used simple/easy to find ingredients. I’ve been adding in gram measurements! Honestly, it’s been a real pleasure using your suggestions throughout this year and I can’t wait to hear them now!

Jessica chopping fruit and vegetables in a kitchen.

Friends, I want you to know why these surveys are so important to me. It’s because I listen to you. I truly do. Your feedback helps so much more than you could ever possibly me, so I am always so grateful when you fill out these surveys! I also hope that they are mutually beneficial to you since you get to voice your beautiful opinions and I make changes/additions because of them.

The survey below is only 10 questions and I would love if you could fill it out please! Have a fabulous week!

You can fill out the survey here! or down below.


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