I’m going to put it right out there.


I’m skipping right past the introduction blog paragraph and right to the good stuff.

The gooey, sticky, yummy, delicious, stuff.

I CANNOT get enough of almond butter. I initially made it for my mother because she kept raving about it after a trip she went on, but couldn’t find it in Jamaica.

Then months later it hit me, wait, why don’t I just make it?

Wow. You would NEVER think I run a blog about making things from scratch 😀

I thought well I might as well taste it since all these blogs keep raving about how great it is.


I went for a spoon.

Then after a while I decided to control myself.

Then my friend came over and we were both at it.

Then my MOM tasted it.

Between the two of us (I made this on Friday) I’ll be going back to buy some more almonds tomorrow. Because I know it’s about to finish. Let me just put it out there that this is not only healthy but much healthier than store bought peanut butter.* And if you like peanut butter you’ll LOVE this.

*In moderation, of course. Not like certain piggish bloggers who happily heaped it onto slices of bread.


Butter Toffee Almond Butter

Makes 16 oz.

20 oz. of roasted almonds
A food processor (do NOT use your Magic Bullet it will destroy it)
A clean jar
A spoon (for afterwards)

Just watch the photos for proof.

1. Place almonds in food processor.

2. Turn on (try not to jump when it makes a horrible Freddy Kruger like noise with the grinding)
3. Grind the almonds until they are like crumbs. Turn off just to look at it.

4. Turn it back on, and grind, grind grind.

5. Wait for 5 to 8 minutes, and just watch the magic happen as your almonds turn into a creamy substance.

6. Mix with a spatula if desired just to incorporate everything, and mix again for a minute or so.



7. Pour into a jar.

8. Eat.

PS You can store this in the cupboard, umm I’m weird so I put mine in the fridge but you really don’t have to.

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  1. Rochelle B. says:

    Ok.. So this looks delish. Need to get myself a food processor first :/

  2. Jessiker says:

    Rochelle – Yes! It's so worth it!

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