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Hi, I’m Jessica, Founder and Editor of Jessica in the Kitchen . Jessica in the Kitchen is very dear to my heart – This blog represents my passion for delicious, vegetarian whole foods. My mission is to provide simple and delicious meals from my kitchen to yours.

The kitchen is where I’ve made so many memories, and great food can help bring us all together in such a busy world. I want that when you land on the homepage of Jessica in the Kitchen you will know that you are in a place filled with love. I want to create a community where you can feel at home and inspired to step outside of the box while still remaining healthy, and creating food that will easily make your weekly rotation of recipes. You’re guaranteed to find simple and delicious recipes in my kitchen – I’m sharing them with you so that you can create them in yours; from my heart to yours. You don’t have to hesitate in knowing that every single recipe had my seal of approval and was made in my kitchen – that’s a promise.

I do believe in living a rounded life and I want you to feel relaxed – so you’ll find a few indulgences here and there, hello, who doesn’t love some dessert?! Also, because I want you to have a more rounded life, I love sharing food guides, travel guides centred around food, and health and wellness posts that all lead back to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I would love your feedback – if you have a recipe you’d love me to make, let me know!


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