Here are my 31 Favourite Easter Vegan Recipes for Easter 2021! From breakfast to dinners to desserts, there’s something for everyone – dig in! 

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Here we are again – it’s Easter time! Every time this time of year reaches I think – how is it April already?

Anyhow, I’m ready for Easter with these recipes! Since we’re vegan over here, I focused more on a carrot heavy theme and on vegan “egg” eggless recipes. Yes, I was that kid whose childhood involved many an egg hunt, decorating hats, and all the things that kids do during Easter season. Then when I grew up, my Jamaican heritage was a major part of Easter. School goes on midterm break, and we eat copious amounts of fish and bun and cheese. I’ve explained this before, but bun and cheese is basically a spiced sweet bun and it’s served with cheese in the middle. Some people love it plain, but some like myself and my dad with lots of fruit or raisins in it.  For reference, my fave homemade easter bun recipe comes from a dear friend who also owns a vegan blog, Healthier Steps!

love bun and cheese. Then I found out recently that most of them are vegan! For the fish part, I included my favourite vegan “fish” recipes! Trust me, one bite and you’ll get it. Now I can have my fishless tacos, my bun and vegan cheese, and of course, all the other treats in this roundup.    For this roundup, I did a mix of everything you could possibly need for your Easter celebrations. Breakfasts, lunch, sides, dinners, and desserts! I also kept a general spring theme here.

31 Favourite Vegan Recipes for Easter 2021

Here are my 31 Favourite Easter Vegan Recipes for Easter 2021! From breakfast to dinners to desserts, there's something for everyone and you're covered for every meal! From carrots to asparagus to lemon to eggless egg recipes. Enjoy so much, and remember to leave room for dessert!

Most of these recipes are gluten free, and those that aren't can easily be made gluten free!

What do you usually eat at Easter?! Let me know in the comments section below! I hope you guys love this roundup, and Happy Easter!